Thursday, August 27, 2009

ATF needs a logo!

If you feel you can fit javascript, XML, asynchroniousness, XMLHttpRequests, dynamics and web 2.0 into small colourful picture, namely an icon or logo - read on!

ATF is looking for really cool logo to show up in such places as Open Web Tools Directory (Thanks to Mike for sharing this link).

How about these proposals?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PDE Plug-in registry to query your Equinox install

This year's Google Summer of Code is nearing the end so it's high time to see some results. Under PDE umbrella Wojciech Galanciak is working on making PDE Plug-in registry view able to show you contents of your Equinox/Eclipse/any OSGi application (project details here).

It's like OSGi console, except that you can easily browse all extension point details, services details, bundles details, use filtering, easily scroll and so on.


Today he posted some demos:
First demo shows how to connect with remote applicaiton (or local in other JVM).
The second one how to use self-hosting mode in plugin registry view.

Check them out and share your thoughts either on pde-dev or directly in bugzilla.