Friday, July 24, 2009

Ajax-heavy development, Javascript debugging for anyone?

After busy week at my new job, today I was really happy to post an announcement that Ajax Tools Framework is getting new life. In last days it was updated and reorganized a bit to work with Eclipse Galileo and now is available for install from nightly builds update site.

ATF, was home for JavaScript Developer Tools (JSDT) and couple other features that later found their place in WebTools project. Unfortunately not all cool stuff had this luck.

Probably the best features still there in incubation are Mozilla IDE and Javascript debugging. Mozilla IDE brings lots of tools to x-ray your webpage. Among others, you can live edit page DOM model and see how the page look changes, play with CSS details or monitor HTTP requests. Javascript debugger is, as you guess, the reincarnation of everyone's favourite Debug perspective but for JS language.

Some of those features work well, while other still need some love, so our plan for next weeks is to make Mozilla IDE and Javascript debugging really strong and robust.

Let's try ATF and share your thoughts on mailing list or newsgroup! ... or tweeeter :-D

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