Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eclipse Ajax tools help is on wiki!

When Eclipse Ajax Tools Framework (ATF) re-started delivering builds some time ago, we scored some negative feedback that it's hard to find what actually ATF does, and how it should be used.

This information, initially located in ATF help plug-in, was simply too hard to find. Now it's available at wiki and hopefull we'll be able to keep maintaining it both in wiki and eclipse help format.

Check out sexy ATF help :-)

btw. missed the Movember story? Ian explains.


  1. Great. I've added the Category:Draft Documentation tag to these pages so they show up with the other documentation related pages on the wiki

  2. Awesome!

    Are you generating Eclipse help from what's there already?

  3. Last week I had a quick look at the current state of ATF, and I have been *very* impressed. Kudos to the ATF team!

  4. @Chris
    for start, I'll be manually moving changes from wiki to Eclipse help. I'd be happy to see an automated approach, but haven't found any yet.