Saturday, June 26, 2010

JavaScript unit tests in Eclipse

Anybody knows what's currently the most popular tool for javascript unit testing?

While figuring this out, I made up a simple javascript unit tests integration with Eclipse to easily run precious tests from my favourite environment :-)

Unit tests are simple objects with functions to test and there's a couple of JUnit-style assertions. I wonder if the above view could be integrated with some real JS unit test tool.


  1. There's JsUnit (, jsTest ( and JsTestDriver (

  2. Nice one Jacek!

    Does this plugin run with ATF's or/and WTP's implementations? I think of a nice product to host this plugin ;)

  3. For pure JavaScript and Eclipse integration there's one I use in the e4 repo -- org.eclipse.e4.languages.javascript.junit.

    It really is just providing a specialized TestCase and using Rhino and JUnit under the covers and does not handle one clicking on a unit test to take you to source. With that said its very fast and works well enough for me and I've used it for 100s of tests.