Monday, March 5, 2012

Google Summer of Code + Eclipse PHP Tools !?

It's that time of year again when students join open source projects, disrupt the old traditions and bring new ideas into life as part of Google Summer of Code!

Last year I was mentoring a great project led by Karol Gusak, which was crossing the edge of Web and desktop developer tools.
Karol built Eclipse PDT into Orion web tools, bringing core PHP coding support to cloud.

Click to see the video

Do you hate how Eclipse PDT works, absolutely can't stand what great feature it's missing, or wondering why it still doesn't integrate with that other awesome technology in your mind? Start thinking and chime in with your ideas on Eclipse PDT email list, post it on ideas wiki or contact me!

I'd be happy to mentor this year again, and I'm on look out for anything cloud mobile revolutionary lego embedded wordpress css javascript php zendframework symfony automotive node mongo and smart tv too.

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