Saturday, November 7, 2009

Web Yacht Sails Simulator

Recently I'm fascinated with sailing. Some time ago I've finished a sailing course that will enable me to sail on some most popular tourist sail boats. The more I'm learning the more things are getting interesting. For example, it sounds obvious that moving a boat involves many forces that all interfere with each other, however the way in which this all works makes you can move not only with the wind but also by the wind. Of course sailor has to do a plenty of math (aka experiance) to get some decent speed.

Sailing makes for a wonderful subject in programming scenarios that I have in Eclipse Ajax Tooling (ATF) project, so I've started building a web yacht sails simulation. It will present a virtual boat that user can steer and put under various weather conditions.

First thing I had to do was refreshing my knowledge about vectors. There will be vector for wind, water stream, vectors for sails, rudder and various resistances. The other story is making it all visible. I chose to make an Ajax application running in the browser. HTML5 canvas is used to do all the drawing, this excellent tutorial makes it really easy to learn.

You can see first results here. A couple of vectors on HTML5 canvas. Drag and drop vector arrows to move them around. Some vectors are 'read-only' because they're dynamically calculated from others.

There's also short screencast embeded below, which might be not visible in RSS reader:

Vector Math from Jacek Pospychala on Vimeo.

Next to do: draw boat and model some physics.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eclipse Ajax tools help is on wiki!

When Eclipse Ajax Tools Framework (ATF) re-started delivering builds some time ago, we scored some negative feedback that it's hard to find what actually ATF does, and how it should be used.

This information, initially located in ATF help plug-in, was simply too hard to find. Now it's available at wiki and hopefull we'll be able to keep maintaining it both in wiki and eclipse help format.

Check out sexy ATF help :-)

btw. missed the Movember story? Ian explains.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

ATF needs a logo!

If you feel you can fit javascript, XML, asynchroniousness, XMLHttpRequests, dynamics and web 2.0 into small colourful picture, namely an icon or logo - read on!

ATF is looking for really cool logo to show up in such places as Open Web Tools Directory (Thanks to Mike for sharing this link).

How about these proposals?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PDE Plug-in registry to query your Equinox install

This year's Google Summer of Code is nearing the end so it's high time to see some results. Under PDE umbrella Wojciech Galanciak is working on making PDE Plug-in registry view able to show you contents of your Equinox/Eclipse/any OSGi application (project details here).

It's like OSGi console, except that you can easily browse all extension point details, services details, bundles details, use filtering, easily scroll and so on.


Today he posted some demos:
First demo shows how to connect with remote applicaiton (or local in other JVM).
The second one how to use self-hosting mode in plugin registry view.

Check them out and share your thoughts either on pde-dev or directly in bugzilla.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Ajax-heavy development, Javascript debugging for anyone?

After busy week at my new job, today I was really happy to post an announcement that Ajax Tools Framework is getting new life. In last days it was updated and reorganized a bit to work with Eclipse Galileo and now is available for install from nightly builds update site.

ATF, was home for JavaScript Developer Tools (JSDT) and couple other features that later found their place in WebTools project. Unfortunately not all cool stuff had this luck.

Probably the best features still there in incubation are Mozilla IDE and Javascript debugging. Mozilla IDE brings lots of tools to x-ray your webpage. Among others, you can live edit page DOM model and see how the page look changes, play with CSS details or monitor HTTP requests. Javascript debugger is, as you guess, the reincarnation of everyone's favourite Debug perspective but for JS language.

Some of those features work well, while other still need some love, so our plan for next weeks is to make Mozilla IDE and Javascript debugging really strong and robust.

Let's try ATF and share your thoughts on mailing list or newsgroup! ... or tweeeter :-D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stretching target platform

I'd like to share with you the target platform for my new project:

You see it's not something typical one would have installed in Eclipse - there's a bunch of plug-ins from Mozilla or WTP repositories. Wouldn't it be troublesome for a newcomer willing to contribute? Install this and that from here and there... Oh and yes, then install their dependencies... Nooo!

But now, since Target Platforms can contain any repositories, I just configured all the dependencies there and posted the file next to the PSF file.
Now setting up the whole environment is as simple as importing two tiny files :-)
Horey! Thank you PDE (btw. what a new tasty home page :-))